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More than just cleaning

At Merry Maids of Oshawa, Whitby & Clarington, we understand you have a busy schedule, so let us take housecleaning off your to-do list. We’re proud to offer a wide variety of services that guarantee you receive the house cleaning you want. After all, we believe in accountability, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee means we always deliver the quality house cleaning you expect and deserve.

Our FREE in-home cleaning consultation allows us to discuss your needs, answer any questions you have, and provide you with a price based on those needs. We avoid hourly rates as often as possible since they’re often linked to bait and switch tactics, such as low initial estimates that increase in order to complete the job. We prefer to be transparent with pricing and deliver on what we promise. While we do our best to provide a fixed price that's customized to your home and your specific needs, if we cannot see your home before cleaning it, there may be things that are unexpected or out of our control. In these cases we can provide your estimate at an hourly rate based on what information we do have.

Every Merry Maids maid is thoroughly screened and professionally trained before they join our team. We realize you demand peace of mind before entrusting a maid service with the keys to your home. That’s why every Merry Maids of Oshawa, Whitby & Clarington employee is bonded and insured. Our services will leave you feeling comfortable and confident that you chose an exemplary house cleaning service provider.

We offer customized maid services to suit your specific house cleaning needs. Furthermore, our maids use proprietary Merry Maids manufactured cleaning solutions and equipment. We also use microfiber cloths that better capture and remove more dust from your home.

You will feel totally comfortable when Merry Maids of Oshawa, Whitby & Clarington is cleaning your home, so contact us today to get started.