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"We just bought a home in Clarington and to say it needed cleaning is an understatement. Barb and Stacy from Merry Maids came in today and they brought me to happy tears with the work they did. Areas of the home that I thought would be a right off (like the toilets) sparkled! They cleaned almost every inch of our new home and I am so grateful for their hard work! The stress relief you provided by having a clean home to move into with our young son is priceless! We can't thank Barb and Stacy enough! "

- Tera

"I was very pleased how the girls cleaned my home. It was spotless from top to bottom. Even under the furniture was dusted. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

- Cindy

"I like the friendly, efficient and thorough staff. They do a great job cleaning my home. The products used clean well but don't have harsh smells."

- Elly, Whitby, ON

"Generally speaking, no follow up required. The cleaning very well done. The management is always receptive to correcting any minor issues that may arise from time to time (whether it deals with scheduling or the odd time some function is not completed to the customer satisfaction)"

- Cliff, Whitby, ON

"Great service, able to come on short notice. Thanks! "

- Anonymous

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